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Our Selma – The Shangri-La of the South

Relax in your historic home in our state’s largest historic district and walk to church and the corner grocer,
while living close enough to Birmingham, Montgomery and major events like ‘Bama football!

As large cities sprawl into suburbs that look the same, and much of our world has become too busy and impersonal, Selma is being rediscovered. Long and stressful commutes, concerns about crime, high prices and taxes, and insurance costs, are making urban and suburban living less appealing, and when people look for an alternative, it’s hard to beat “Southern Living” in a region known for its history hospitality and neighborliness – along with our compelling history, from before the Civil War when Selma was a major city in the South, to honoring the Civil Rights movement that reached its crescendo in the 1960s.


Selma is "The Shangri-La of the South." We're "the perfect spot" for a compelling quality of life, work, family, and living. If you can't remember the last time you took a deep breath and smiled peacefully, we're the answer. Neighbors taking that extra moment to wave from across the street, firm handshakes and hugs of greeting or goodbye are omnipresent. Here children say “yes, sir,” and “yes ma’am.” These things matter here. You can sense it in the kindness of people and it warms your heart. There is sincerity in Selma that’s hard to find today.

So what’s keeping you from living in a our community, rich with history and future promise, and almost everything in life being improved for you and your family while you spend less, plus have more time for yourself? We hope you enjoy this Online Job Tour of Vaughan RMC, and “Our Selma,” which we love. We’re waiting to welcome you!

Our Location – While living in Selma offers a safe lifestyle and tranquility among friends and familiar faces, note how close we are to so many places by car – some of our neighbors have beach homes! And our access to airports/daily commuter flights for business or pleasure is very reasonable. Montgomery’s Regional terminal is underrated and very accessible via two-lane (no traffic light) SR 80 East!

Learn more about our geography, demographics, cost of living, weather, and more in History/More Stats!



Drive From Selma to:

Montgomery: 35 miles
Montgomery Regional Airport: 49 miles
(Regional Facility with 17 daily flights during weekdays to hubs: 
Charlotte, Memphis, Cincinnati, Houston – see below)
Tuscaloosa (University of Alabama): 83 miles
Birmingham: 89 miles
Auburn (Auburn University): 103 miles
Mobile: 163 miles
(Just over two hours’ drive to the beach!!)
Pensacola, FL: 185 miles
Atlanta: 199 miles (Only three hours’ drive)
Commercial Airports

Meet Community Leaders – Your Future Neighbors!

George Evans
Mayor of Selma
NCAA Basketball Official
Mayor Evans welcomes you to Selma!

Learning to be patient living in Selma will ultimately pay off in a beautiful way. You might be in a hurry, but the people ahead of you are going to stop and visit. It is a part of their makeup and character. You just have to adjust yourself to the fact that a trip to the grocery store, bank or library may become a little social event. Once you begin to factor this into your life here it not only becomes great fun, but it expands one’s heart.”  - Nancy Smith

“In many ways living and working in Selma is no different than other places. People want to make an honest living and they want to live well and have a beautiful home filled with memories. But here there is an air of history, living is far less expensive, and our seasonal weather and events mean there is no down time.” - Dr. Ramsey

“Selma is a place full of ‘Historic Places and Social Graces’ where ‘company is coming, and our doors are always open.’ Allow us to open our door of hospitality to you. You will remember your choice to live in Selma as one of most positive signature moments of your life.” - Sheryl Smedley

Tim Wood
Center for Commerce
Opportunities abound

Nancy Smith
Historical Society
Our Museums

M. Ramsey, PhD
Educator, Prevost
Concordia College
Civil Rights to Today

Sheryl Smedley
President & CEO
Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Tour

Catesby Jones
First Cahawba Bank

 An Historical House


Bill Tomey
Advertising Representative
Selma Times Journal
& Life at The Harmony Club
(Photo Gallery)
2010 New York Times Feature

It is not possible to duplicate Selma's blend of history and culture. Selma is a community with a welcoming nature you can only experience in the ‘Deep South,’ where we treat each other with kindness, and wave you in ahead of us when you are driving through our streets.” – William Perkins, Jr.

James Bearden
Bush Hogg, LLC
VRMC Board

William Perkins, Jr.
Former Mayor
An Historic Election

Rev. James Jackson
The Brown Chapel
AME Church

Laurie Cauthren
Past President
Chamber of Commerce

Lee Youngblood
Visit his Piney Woods Hunt Club

(with wife Cecile)
Jay Minter & Family
J. A. Minter & Son Farm and Down South Foods
A Visit to the Miners

(they're Jay & Julia Ann, Giley, Cink, and Madge)

Mina Roussell
Dallas County HR Dep
Child Support Unit

Manera Searcy
Sturdivant Hall

Michael Stokes
Fire Chief
City of Selma

Johnny Jones
Probate Judge (Ret
Dallas County

Kathy Needham
Bridgetender B&B

Elton Reece
Coach/Exec. Director
Selma Recreation Department
Recreation with a huge heart
Bob Kelley
Tally-Ho Restaurant
“It’s where people go”
Joanna Nichols
Selma Art Guild
Premier taste chooses Selma


with Charlie "The Tin Man" Lucas in front of her bottle tree – Jeffrey's around somewhere

Kathryn Tucker Windham
National Public Radio Icon & Famous Storyteller
Ms. Windham passed away in the summer of 2011 but she remains in our hearts.

Photo Galleries:

Downtown & Water Ave
A compelling revival, & Aerial
photos of Selma
Fall Afternoon
Photos from Grist State Park, more
Selma & the Edmund Pettus bridge
Selma’s Historic District
Antebellum (pre-Civil War) homes,
& walks to church and Downtown

“Spread Out” in the Country, in Valley Grande:


After incorporating in 2003 Valley Grande's population doubled from 1,800 to 4,500 in 2010, offering Selma residents and newcomers more acreage for their home sites. Here are new subdivisions, a charming little city park and leaders focused on a future Town Centre. Mayor Lee's focus is on developing a "bedroom community" to Selma where people can "come out and spread out."

Growth Study – Selma and Dallas County:


Jim Hodo, left, is President of Selma’s American Apparel, which was awarded a $50 million contract in 2010 to make uniforms for the
US Military, with Wayne Vardaman, President of the Centre for Commerce and Executive Director of our EDA. Concordia College is investing millions for a 37 acre campus expansion, while the new Health Science building at WCC is truly state-of-the-art, as we grow
our status as the Education hub for our region.


The above panoramic photo is of our famous corner of Broad Street and Water Avenue along the Alabama River – that’s the Edmund Pettus Bridge, with the Interpretive Center renovation on left. The historic St. James Hotel is center-left, and a $12 million bond issue will build a Riverfront Park with amphitheater with marina behind it. City leaders believe this will be the start of a renaissance of Water Avenue and Downtown Selma!

Wired for fiber optics, a mature railway, sewer and water, our Craig Industrial Park has a 9,000' airstrip and is a former military air station. Affordable land is another factor for why Selma and Dallas County is "the perfect spot" to live and work, for families as well as for new companies. If you are considering a career at Vaughan Regional, it’s important to know about our economy – in Growth Study.

Life in Selma – How you will live here and where things are:


Grey Youngblood, and son Cal, at the family's 1,500 acre Hunt Club examining the latest catch from the pond, as well as upscale boutique Highland House, and the 2007 $5 million, 43,000sf YMCA is next to Vaughan RMC.


"Large city fixes" and "big box" retailers are as close in driving time as in a big city suburb

You will be surprised by our bourgeoning arts community, our festivals, shopping that is within an hour’s drive or less, all there is to do, and what’s close by – check out how we live in Life in Selma.

Except where indicated, every photo was taken specifically for this Online Job Tour. Unlike many company websites and recruitment materials, in this presentation there are no "stock" photos or images that aren't authentic. Thanks to these community leaders and our friends for taking time to share their lives with you.

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